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Adventure Carstensz

Our Story

Isolation in Papua’s rural areas caused by the lack of
means of transport that gives to various problems in
education, health, and welfare of community led to the
idea of establishing a limited liability corporation with
the name PT Adventure Carstensz. 

The Youngest Climber Touch The Carstensz’s Glaciers

Puncak Jaya or Carstensz Pyramid is a peak that is part of the Sudirman mountain range in Papua, Indonesia. Carstensz has a height of 4,884 meters above sea level. Not only that, there are Carstensz glaciers that are the only tropical glaciers in Indonesia and even Southeast Asia. With the phenomenon of snow at the highest peak in Indonesia that has become part of the seven summits, making all climbers who come from all over the world want to step their feet on the mountains located on the island of Papua.

Exclusive Climbing Training Prior to Summit By Adventure Carstensz

Adventure Carstensz as a local tour operator that provides and accompanies climbers from around the world to summit on one of the mountains that is part of the Seven Summits namely Carstensz Peak always wants to give one different thing in the climbing program to Carstensz.

International Conference on Biodiversity, Ecotourism & Creative Economy/ ICBE 2018

The sustainably management of natural resources and ecosystem in Papua has been a commitment of the government of the province of Papua and Papua Barat, central government, as well as local, national, and international development partners. This commitment was declared in the closing ceremony of International Conference on Biodiversity, Ecotourism and Creative Economy/ ICBE 2018 in Manokwari, Papua Barat on October 10, 2018.

Carstensz Helicopter Tour

Carstensz Pyramid is a highest mount in Papua that has many uniqueness around, it’s like a guaranteed mountain of eternal ice. Surely the panorama that is in Carstensz is undoubtedly from the direction. The Carstensz adventure as a local tour from Papua which opens a tour package called ‘Carstensz Helicopter Tour’ which is a new package that is ready to take flight travelers on a helicopter to see some peaks and mountain ranges such as Puncak Mpaigelah, Bale-bale gelapa, Jumpiga Paneagapi and other peaks.

Cleaning Carstensz Area’s Program By Adventure Carstensz

PT Adventure Carstensz as company’s aims to become an active agent in introducing the cultural and natural potentiality of papua as well as providing employment opportunities for indigenous Papuans through eco-tourism and Carstensz’s climbing expedition. The last point stressed here is Carstensz climbing expedition. Carstensz, is a mountain peak in West Papua which is categorised as one of the seven summits. The company sees it as a promising tourism destination which can elevate business profits as well as the indigenous Papuan welfare.

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