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Adventure Carstensz

Our Story

Remotely located villages are isolated caused by lack of transportation leading to various problems in education, health and welfare of community led to the idea of establishing a limited liability corporation with the name Adventure Carstensz.

Pepper Dickson: A Sound from Top of Carstensz

We woke early the next morning. Cold, dark and still raining, we eagerly prepared for our climb. Geared up and ready to leave Base Camp at 4am, the five of us started the short walk to the first pitch. Wearing a harness, using a combination of carabineers, ascenders and a figure 8 descender the whole way, our safety was always the first concern of our guides. Carstensz isn’t the most physically challenging of the Seven Summits, but it is the most technical. After a couple hours of scaling the easy, class-5 rock walls, the sun rose and we were able to have a better look at where we were. The steel grey rocks glistened in the rain, sleek and cold. The summit was out of sight, but even still, we could feel it looming above us. Before us was the “Sky Bridge” tyrollean crossing and two small chasms that require a little more bravado. Sleet started to fall as we crossed the summit ridge, luckily it never turned to ice.

Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin 2019

Adventure Carstensz team participated in ITB Berlin 2019 through Ibu Liany, a representative of Adventure Carstensz living in Berlin. She was so proud that she could promote tourism in eastern Indonesia, especially Papua which is not so popular in Germany or Europe. Adventure Carstensz is tour operator which specifies their service for professional mountaineers who wish to climb 7 highest mountains in the world or Seven Summits. Adventure Carstensz representative met other Germany and other country tour operators at this event. Adventure Carstensz will develop partnership with them so they can send their clients to Indonesia. Therefore, it is important for Adventure Carstensz to participate in events like ITB Berlin to strengthen its existence as a tour operator as well as to improve clients’ trust upon its service.

The Hidden Treasure of Pogapa

Meet the people of Pogapa and see their daily activities; from their food processing in the kitchen to the traditional market. Enjoy spectacular view of mountains around and feel the real inner peace while you are here.

Kamoro Woodcarving

PT Adventure Carstensz as a local tour operator based in Timika, Adventure Carstensz always escorts their clients to have a city tour, including visiting local tribe communities around the town. The aim of city tour is to introduce the city to the clients and to make them acknowledged of culture and fine art of Kamoro tribe.

The First Belarusian Woman to Summit Carstensz

Kseniya Melnikava is the young Belarusian woman with the passion of climbing mountains; especially those considered one of the Seven Summits. Coming to Indonesia with high expectation of the Carstensz summit, she was surprised that going up to Carstensz was not as easy as she had imagined. It was beyond her expectation. Climbing Carstensz was more similar to doing rock wall climbing which was more technical. It was absolutely perspiring and for worse, the first trial ended up in a failure. The team decided to go back to basecamp after facing snowstorm halfway through climbing. Half despaired, Kseniya got into the tent, laid down to regain her energy while hoping that the following day could be a blessed one for the second trial. And it was. The weather was perfect. Ksenia and the team set foot on top of Carstensz in the morning of February 5, 2019. When she first arrived, The Immigration's office Mimika noticed that she was the first Belarusian citizen to ever reach Timika, making Kseniya the first Belarusian woman to conquer Carstensz Pyramid, on the very same day on Chinese New Year.

The Youngest Climbers Reach Carstensz’s Glaciers

Puncak Jaya or Carstensz Pyramid is a peak that is part of the Sudirman mountain range in Papua, Indonesia. Carstensz has a height of 4,884 meters above sea level. Not only that, there are Carstensz glaciers that are the only tropical glaciers in Indonesia and even Southeast Asia. With the phenomenon of snow at the highest peak in Indonesia that has become part of the seven summits, making all climbers who come from all over the world want to step their feet on the mountains located on the island of Papua.

Training Prior to Reaching Summit

Adventure Carstensz as a local tour operator that provides and accompanies climbers from around the world to summit on one of the mountains that is part of the Seven Summits namely Carstensz Peak always wants to give one different thing in the climbing program to Carstensz.

Carstensz Helicopter Tour

Carstensz Pyramid is a highest mount in Papua that has many uniqueness around, it’s like a guaranteed mountain of eternal ice. Surely the panorama that is in Carstensz is undoubtedly from the direction. The Carstensz adventure as a local tour from Papua which opens a tour package called ‘Carstensz Helicopter Tour’ which is a new package that is ready to take flight travelers on a helicopter to see some peaks and mountain ranges such as Puncak Mpaigelah, Bale-bale gelapa, Jumpiga Paneagapi and other peaks.

Hauling Garbage From 4884 m Above Sea Level

PT Adventure Carstensz as company’s aims to become an active agent in introducing the cultural and natural potentiality of papua as well as providing employment opportunities for indigenous Papuans through eco-tourism and Carstensz’s climbing expedition. The last point stressed here is Carstensz climbing expedition. Carstensz, is a mountain peak in West Papua which is categorised as one of the seven summits. The company sees it as a promising tourism destination which can elevate business profits as well as the indigenous Papuan welfare.

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