7 Papuan Dishes You Must Try

As the number of visitors arises, Papuan culinary starts to be famous. So far, it is papeda that becomes the only icon while Papua has a rich culinary diversity. It’s commonly made of sago and seafood. Papuan dishes are not spicy so it could favor any tongue. Here below are 7 special Papuan dishes you must taste. Some of them are addictive.

  1. Papeda

Papeda is well known among Indonesian culinary lovers. It’s often promoted in the travel expos. Papeda is made of sago whose texture looks like a dough of glue and tasteless. However, it’s a healthy food that is low in cholesterol but rich in fiber and nutrients.  No wonder if Papuan have strong bodies. It’s nice to eat papeda with yellow soup then you should want to have it more and more.

  1. Aunu Senebre

Aunu Senebre is  made of anchovies, added with slices of bay leaves and  sprinkled with grated coconut then steamed. It has a dry texture and tastes savory. It is usually eaten with yellow soup and papeda. Delicious.

  1. Martabak Sagu ( Sago Cake)

Martabak Sagu is an authentic culinary of Fakfak, West Papua that matches your tea or coffee time.  It is fried and mixed with brown sugar. It tastes sweet and savory.

  1. Sabeta, the sago worm satay

This challenges any culinary adventurer! It seems disgusting especially if this is your first experience. Sago worms liv eon sago trees. Worms are left to rot before skewered and burned. Forget the worms and enjoy the satay because it is so delicious and rich of protein

  1. Udang Selingkuh (Shrimp Molester)

The shrimp has claws like a crab so it’s considered the result of an affair of shrimp and crab. Selingkuh means affair. Grilled or fried are equally perfect.  Come directly to taste this food in Wamena, a home of shrimp molesters.

  1. Roti Gulung Abon Hawai ( shredded beef roll-bread Hawai)

You can take home this roll-bread because it can last seven days as long as you store it in the fridge. A mix of bread and a rich shredded beef gives a taste of luxury on your tongue. Hawai Restaurant in Manokwari created the recipe for the first time. The bread currently can be found in several cities in Papua.

  1. Ikan Bungkus ( Fish Wraps)

Ikan Bungkus is a Papuan steamed fish wraps. The recipe only uses fresh sea fishes that taste more delicious with some special spices and bay leaves.

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