Climbing Training For Local Guide in Mako Brimob Mimika Papua

As a local tourism operator in Papua, one of the focus from PT. Adventure Carstensz is optimising tourism activities at Carstensz Pyramid. The company’s mission is to empower local communities Papua, they are also actively involved in efforts to increase tourist visits to Carstensz Pyramid through PT. Adventure Carstensz.
The role of local communities in supporting tourism activities in Carstensz Pyramid can be a mountain guide and porter to become professionals in mountaineering, they need the skills necessary to improve the mountain tourism, especially climbing expedition to Carstensz Pyramid listed as one of the Seven Summits in the world. Therefore, the field team of PT. Adventure Carstensz in collaboration with the Mobile Brigade (Brimob) of Mimika Papua organised a rock climbing training involving by young local Papuan.

The purpose of this activity is; Improve the skills of field team PT. Adventure Carstensz in rock climbing, train physical endurance of field team, improving the mental readiness of field team to participate in a climbing expedition to Carstensz and train cohesiveness and field teamwork of PT. Adventure Carstensz.

The climbing training applied at Brimob Command Headquarters in Mimika Papua, they were practising the form of climbing techniques, rope technique skills (making various types of knots), and evacuation process. The trainers are from personnel Brimob Mimika who they are professional climbing trainers and SAR Team. While the field team of PT. Adventure Carstensz consists of four men (three of them are young local Papuan) and one woman. This training is in every Saturday and they were training in lasts for two months.

The climbing training activities of PT. Adventure Carstensz is very useful for team preparation in facilitating the activities of tourists at Carstensz Pyramid. Individual skills and teamwork that continue to be honed in the training process will provide benefits for each member or field team of PT. Adventure Carstensz in general. This training not only enhances skills in mastering climbing techniques and rope technique, but also increases the intensity of communication and mutual understanding among team members of PT. Adventure Carstensz.

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