The Stunning Lakes of Carstensz Pyramid

Talking about Carstensz Pyramid is not just a row of high mountains. There are many attractive spots that can be enjoyed while climbing to the highest peak in Indonesia. Through the trekking route Sugapa, Suanggama and Ilaga, the climbers will pass the New Zealand Pass. The trekking routes are full of the rock-lined pathway and some beautiful lakes as scenery in New Zealand. There is no literature and history of the name of the place as the same other place’s name. New Zealand Pass gave by the first person that had explored Carstensz. Perhaps this New Zealand Pass is similar to New Zealand that has a unique landscape and place to shoot the movie ‘Hobbit’. Panoramic lake with rocks is very rare in Indonesia and can only be found in Papua. Here are some beautiful lakes in the Carstensz Pyramid.

Degeli Jagali Lake is located in the lake around valley between the mountains that the top has gray color. There are about four lakes where the water is blue and graded green tosca. At first glance, it looks like Lake Larson or other lakes around Carstensz Pyramid. The lake is also similar as ten lakes in the Basecamp lakes. This lake is around Carstensz, but not in the trekking route. As from Ugimba, continue to Putigapa before Juambiga Panembiga. As from the map, from Ugimba to Carstensz may go to left; if to the lake go to right. Moni Tribe who inhabit Ugimba comes to lake Degeli Jagali to hunt, because in the lake, there are still many animals like cuscus, dingo and duck. There are some fauna that come to the lake but until now no one is researching. Behind the beauty of the lake, there is a mystical story. Degeli Jagali Lake called The lake of evil because it can harm people, if someone shouts, destroys, does not excuse or get angry when passing the lake, they will die. Hail can come; he can drown in the lake. These are all real stories because many skulls are found around the lake. Moni tribe has believed it since a long time ago. So those who want to hunt there must be respectful and polite.

Larson Lake is located at an altitude 4,000 meters above sea level. The lake is more widespread than the unnamed lake in aligned lakes in trekking route. If you want to go to this lake should be trekking more far away. Larson Lake has blue waters. The scenery is so beautiful surrounding rocky hills. Some people says, if the view Larson Lake is like not in Indonesia.

Then the last other lake is ten lakes in Basecamp Lakes. As the name implies, many lakes are lined there in various sizes. Basecamp lakes became the last camping area at the foot of Carstensz Pyramid. Basecamp lakes are located at an altitude 4,330 meters above sea level with a calm lake surface. From there to the summit Carstensz Pyramid, it takes about 7 hours climbing.

The water in Basecamp lakes becomes drinking water for climbers. The water surface will freeze in the morning because the temperature can touch -50 Celsius. There are colors that are clear, green and blue. There is also a large size, but there is also a small puddle only. In term of color, up until now there is no definite explanation why the color can vary. There is no detail data about the depth of those lake, because there are not divers who come to measure into it. But certainly the panoramic is amazing.

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