Cleaning Carstensz Area’s Program By Adventure Carstensz


PT Adventure Carstensz as company’s aims to become an active agent in introducing the cultural and natural potentiality of papua as well as providing employment opportunities for indigenous Papuans through eco-tourism and Carstensz’s climbing expedition. The last point stressed here is Carstensz climbing expedition. Carstensz, is a mountain peak in West Papua which is categorised as one of the seven summits. The company sees it as a promising tourism destination which can elevate business profits as well as the indigenous Papuan welfare.

Carstensz is the highest and the only area in Indonesia and Southeast Asia with snow and has extraordinary view and sensation for tourists who visit this site. However, the tourists’ visits have brought about environmental issues which can become more and more serious in the future. One of the issues is plastics bags and other trashes left by the visitors along the trekking routes and base camp. This is a serious problem that needs to be handled professionally. Therefore, PT Adventure Carstensz invited Mr. Manuel Andres Pizarro, a professional mountain climber who understands environmental management around the site, to help the company to overcome this problem.

There is no wonder that Carstensz Pyramid is an extraordinary tourism destination for mountain climbers around the world. The development of this tourism site is needed to interact more tourists to enjoy adventurous journey to Carstensz. Tourism agents, such as PT Adventure Carstens have to ensure the safety, medical, social, and environmental issues are well managed to make the visitors comfortable. It is believed that Carstensz Pyramid tourism destination still has many problems that need to be solved immediately.

One of issues to be tackled is environmental management. Many tourists or climbers who come to Carstensz do not concern about environmental conservation. They litter anywhere they want around base camps and other areas around Carstensz tourism site. Plastic bags and bottles are easily found in this area. Therefore, PT Adventure Carstensz as a tourism company and works on Carstensz expeditions, show their responsibility in developing this site. PT Adventure Carstensz collaborated with Mr. Manuel, a Canadian consultant to enhance base camp management. Mr. Pizarro and PT Adventure Carstensz field team have cleaned the are around base camp and identified the spots to build supporting facilities for Carstens expedition.

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