The First Steps of the Carstensz Trekking Route

Sugapa is one of the villages in Intan Jaya Regency that becomes the starting point of trekking route to Mount Carstenzs. The way to get there is by boarding a pioneer airplane from Nabire or from Timika. When visitor taking the route from Timika you could see the iceberg along the flight from the top of the plane.

Along the way on the trekking route from Sugapa, climbers will be treated by scenery of green hills that can refresh the eyes. The climber may not get bored or tired because of the view is very beautiful.

Not only the hills are beautiful but also the life of the people are no less impressive. In Sugapa climbers can chat with Mama (Ladies in the village) who every day brings a noken draped on their head. Mama fills her noken with sweet potatoes, vegetables and other farm produce. They are so strong sometimes the load of noken brought up to 30 Kg is buried in the head, all woman are very amazing.

The trekking route to Carstensz from sugapa is also down the Wabu River. Natural panorama is still so natural; climbers will increasingly feel that Papua is broad and exotic. There is no harm in climbing Carstensz through this route from Sugapa because it is true that the path passed through always spurred the spirit to get know and reached the top of Carstensz. So what are you waiting for?

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