The Youngest Climber Touch The Carstensz’s Glaciers

Puncak Jaya or Carstensz Pyramid is a peak that is part of the Sudirman mountain range in Papua, Indonesia. Carstensz has a height of 4,884 meters above sea level. Not only that, there are Carstensz glaciers that are the only tropical glaciers in Indonesia and even Southeast Asia. With the phenomenon of snow at the highest peak in Indonesia that has become part of the seven summits, making all climbers who come from all over the world want to step their feet on the mountains located on the island of Papua.

Maximus as founder of the local tour company PT Adventure Carstensz, he was came from the village near Carstensz. His children are getting education in Java. However, he did not want his children to feel strange with the area where his father was born and spent his childhood on the mountain. Therefore, he took his three children to climb Carstensz and touch down the tropical snow. Remarkably, these children immediately make the climb without training before. They only followed the instructions and beliefs of their fathers who have regarded the Carstensz as Mother and an integral part of his life.

Maximus hopes to the next generation more love Indonesia. Not only that, Maximus hope to all young generation in Indonesian became climbers who are not only climbing mountain but also can take care the environment in aroun mountain.

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