7 Tips to Travel Eastern Indonesia

The eastern part of Indonesia has been attracting more local and foreign tourists in the last decade. It’s no wonder by knowing that this region has so many scenic hidden paradises.  The people who live in a very diverse and unique cultural life is a plus. Well, if you have planned to spend your holiday in eastern Indonesia, these following tips may help you as the mostly locations of your destinations are in remote areas with no facilities.

  1. Survey your destination

Select your destination based on your schedule availability and budget instead you  to take a long leave and have a deep pocket, you can choose the Rumberpon Island or Wakatobi. However, if you’ve only three days off, you’d better choose nearer destinations

  1. Estimate the travel cost

A trip to the eastern Indonesia really takes time and costs more. You should calculate the air or ship fare carefully. How many times you are going to switch planes? Or is there any alternative transportation that can save travel expenses? What is the average price of food in your chosen destination? Especially if you are about to head a hinterland, you should prepare cash just in case there’s no ATM machine.

  1. Book early

It would be better if you book hotel rooms, airline tickets, or festival tickets early, so you have a chance for cheap prices. This way also helps your preparation to be less hectic before the departure.

  1. Use travel agency

If you don’t want to be bothered by taking care of your travel itinerary alone, you can use the services of a travel agency or a tour operator. All you need to do is choose a travel package and the agency will arrange all your itinerary. You even don’t need to read the map. Just follow your guide and everything is done.

  1. Bring vitamins, personal medicines, and mosquito repellent

Some places have an extreme climate. It’s important to have some vitamins to get your body ready towards the different temperature and climate. Prepare yourself with your personal medicines. Mostly pharmacies in this region are not as complete as in Javanese cities, or if any, it must be expensive. Don’t forget to bring mosquito repellent to prevent from malaria.

  1. Set your luggage

Make sure that your luggage isn’t overweight. Bring only one backpack or medium size suitcase that won’t bother your trip. Wear easy dry thin clothes to save space in your backpack in which you can use for stuff you get from your vacation.

  1. Do not forget to bring camera

There aren’t enough words to describe how beauty the natural view of eastern Indonesia is.  Make sure your camera is on to capture every exciting moment and view during the trip and you’ll never regret.

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