ITB Berlin International Tourism Exhibition 2013

ITB Berlin International Tourism Exhibition 2013, which runs from the 5th to 10th of March, is the largest tourism exhibition in the world. At this year’s event Indonesia became a partner country participating in world’s most prestigious exhibition. More than 113,000 visitors from the tourism sector attend the exhibition, 44 thousand of them from abroad making around 10,500 participants from 187 countries.

The participation of Asmat District in the World’s Largest Tourism Exhibition will be a “new horizon” for the development of community-based tourism, and will be a special attraction for Indonesia if Asmat culture is featured in the event tourism at ITB. In addition, as an emerging district, Asmat District Officials need new insight into how the “urban structuring system” with various means of transportation, without disturbing the condition of authenticity and natural beauty. Comparative studies to Amsterdam, Brussels and several German cities will address all the issues that may occur in Asmat for the future.

The participation of Papuans as one of the partners and participants in the Promotion Team of the Ministry of Tourism and the Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia in various International Exhibitions is a distinctive advantage, because with regular participation and involving various parties in Papua will give meaning that Papua Government is serious in tourism development. From this positive assessment is expected the Ministry will give special attention and provide facilities for the Government of the Province of Papua in the development of programs and the development of tourist destinations. The role of various parties in Papua to realize a quality promotional event is expected to further lift the image of Papua tourism

In 2013, PT. Adventure Carstensz brings Tourism Promotion Team from Asmat District consisting of dance, music and sculpture teams accompanied by Officials from Asmat Regional Government as a companion and official. The participation of the Asmat Regional Government in this tourism event is an effort to further introduce Asmat culture with all its uniqueness in the European market. Expectations ahead, the number of foreign tourists visiting, especially from Europe to Asmat as one of the leading destinations of Papua will increase and give impact to the economic improvement and local revenue.

Expectations in the future, the interest of visitors to the exhibition on the appearance of Asmat culture will also be realized in the form of interest to visit firsthand the Asmat culture in his native region of Papua.

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