Korowai Tribe Lived in The Tree House

Papua is not only famous for flora and fauna, Papua is an island located in the east of Indonesia where there lived indigenous tribes having an interesting and unique life. One of them is the original rural tribe of Papua who lives in a tree house as high as 50 meters, known as Korowai Tribe.

Korowai tribe, they are live in Kaibar region, Mappi Regency, Papua, this tribe was only discovered by Dutch missionaries in 1974. Previously, they really did not know anyone outside their group. Different with other tribes in Papua who built Honai homes, Korowai tribe lived in tree houses. They live in tree houses as high as 15 to 50 meters. They build houses on trees to avoid wild animals, enemies, and evil spirits. The Korowai tribe believe that the higher their house, the farther away from the disturbance of evil spirits.


They build houses using the basic materials they get from the forests and swamps around them, such as wood, rattan, roots, and tree branches. The Korowai tree house is very natural. All materials made from nature, the skeleton was made from small wooden stems and the floor is covered with bark. Walls and roofs use bark or woven sago leaves. To bind to stay steady and strong just use the rope. All home-making process is done by hand. The only metal item with a machete or an ax used to hunt.


In 2011, the Korowai tribe has shown in the BBC Human Planet documentary. In the film, Korowai tribe shows how they make tree houses. Even one of their ambitious efforts shows by building a tree house as high as 114 meters within 2 weeks.

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