Jungle Village Trekking From Pogapa To Homeyo Lama

Pogapa is a village with stunning view located in the area of Lorentz National Park in Intan Jaya, a regency of Papua. Moni tribe is the occupants of this village. They live in harmony with nature and are blessed with fertile soil. They plant taro, which is their main source of food and Arabica coffee, which they manage traditionally. Here, you can find salty river (it is in mountain!) and see how Moni people process it traditionally to fulfill their daily need of salt.

This village is the starting point to trek other villages around with fantastic view around them. The only transportation means to reach Pogapa from Timika is by small plane which takes around 45 minutes. Trekking Pogapa and other villages around gives you opportunity to see how local people live and do their activities in remote area in in highest altitude of Papua. Besides, you will enjoy the natural beauty of view of the mountains and valleys along the trekking route.

When you are in Pogapa, you may explore coffee plantation, vegetables farm, Kemabu river and spend a night in Pogapa Village by build tents in Pogapa airport area/ church area. In the morning continue to the next village called Mbungulo. While trekking from Pogapa to Mbungulo, you may pass the waterfall, pine forest, coffee plantation, activities of local people/ Moni tribe. The trekking can take 1 day and spend a night in this village.

After visited Mbungulo village the next day continue to Mbaibugupa village. While trekking, you may enjoy the scenery of coffee plantation, pine forest, savanna, the activities of villagers. After long trekking you may stop in fountain that you can drink the fresh water. Not only trekking in mountain but also people who trekking will pass with hanging bridge.

Day 5 Mbaibugupa – Homeyo Lama

The next day from Mbaibugupa take trakking to Homeyo Lama and trekking takes around three hours to explore salty river and traditional salt manufacture processed by local people. The unique of this place is where there is no ocean but appear the river which the water is salty. People here use this water to make salt by traditional way, you may see how the local making salt.

When you stop in traditional salt manufacture, you can buy the traditional salt for cooking at home. Then continue trekking to District Wandai around three until four hours and enjoy the beautiful scenery such as Mabu River and activities of local people. Spend a night in District Wandai.

Then the next day continue to Homeo Lama can take a break for a day before you take flight back to Timika, go explore around, to active interact with local people and playing football with local Papuan kids.

This trekking may take four until six days depends on weather.

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