Papua Mountaineering Association Made The First Gathering in Jayapura

Papua Mountaineering Association or PMA is a non-profit organization based in Timika – Papua, established to accommodate climbers, mountain guides and mountain tourism activities in Papua. On Saturday, January 12, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. WIT at Prima Garden – Abepura Jayapura was the first momentum for PMA to hold an inaugural meeting aimed at gathering hospitality for all tourism actors in Papua to deal with existing problems including;

• Issues about existing tourism and how to deal with Tourist, and how to improve the tourism industry.

• The problem of the Carstensz peak from 1971 to this day has not been settled in terms of security, regulations and taxes to the regional and central government.

• Carstensz is the most expensive tour package but there is no regulation from the local government while the Carstensz pyramid is the seven summits in the world and the price per package is from 50 million to 80 million.

• PMA will develop tourism tours throughout the Papua mountains by developing local Papuans, for this reason, it needs support from the local government, ASITA province, HPI and other associations as well as local communities to be able to support the tourism sector, especially mountain attractions in Papua.

• Sales of tourism packages and tourism

• Tourist Comfort, Guaranteed Security, and also government support.

• Business actors in their role in assisting the government in the tourism sector.

• PMA (Papua Mountaineering Association) will cooperate with worldwide Mountaineering such as: Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI), the British Association of International Mountain Leaders (BAIML) and others abroad specifically about climbing.

The meeting was attended by 28 participants consisting of Adventure Carstensz, HPI Jayapura, PARPROV, ASITA, FTPI, JJS, GENPI who were needed in this collaboration: Provincial and District Tourism Office, Ministry, and Head of Lorentz National Park in Wamena, in collaboration with Provincial and District police, need cooperation with the Regional Office of Immigration Law and Ham in the Province and District, need cooperation with the heads of education and culture offices, and institutions related to the tourism sector, so that Papua is rich in culture and nature can be appointed in the industrial sector tourism.

In the meeting there was a lot of sharing, asking for input, the opportunity to be able to discuss well with tourism business in Papua and also with relevant government agencies. The point is how can we unite in an effort to improve tourism in Papua. This is the first meeting; there will be a second and third meeting. It is expected that at the second meeting all bring and market their products to be shared and sold. PMA will work with seven summits. We will report the results of this meeting to the Papua Governor, Chairman of the Papua Provincial Parliament, Chairman of the Papua Province MRP, Papua Regional Police Chief, Papua Regional Military Commander, Papua Provincial Tourism Office, relevant District Tourism Office, Head of Lorentz National Park in Wamena, Forestry Ministry through Dirjend Conservation Park National Lorentz, Ministry of Tourism, Intanjaya Regent, Puncak Regent and Timika Regent, Nabire Regent, Paniai Regent, Wamena District Head, and Jayapura District Head and other institutions related to the tourism sector said Maximus the chairman of the Papua Mountaineering Association.

Furthermore, a lot of opinions came from various participants who today including Nicky Mehue from HPI Jayapura regarding “Packages of Tourism Products offered must be varied, services include all tourism products from land to sea or from mountain to sea. Arrangement of tourism products to be sold will discussed at the SKPD forum “.

The Government in this case the Provincial Government is ready to support the tourism program in the field of special interest, especially the peak of Cartensz in the form of infrastructure and also promotion closes Erick Ohe, Head of the Office of PARPROV.

Athan Ginting continued from ASITA, PMA had to make an SOP to study local problems that had occurred so far and prepare human resources such as guides, potter as well as tourism products in the mountains of Papua and also the Carstensz Pyramid Peak.

Then Nicky Mohue HPI Jayapura hopes “with this meeting PMA and all parties involved are ready to collaborate to develop Carstensz number 1 Peak and other peaks such as Trikora Peak, Puncak Mandala, Cyclops Peak and others, in collaboration with PMA associations.” There is no Guide in Jayapura, especially Papuan children, what we know is that only in Timika is Maximus, so the PMA is expected to provide guidance for local guides so that the regeneration of local guides is well maintained.

Furthermore, Thonny Ngamelubun from FTPI Jayapura added, “Let’s work together and together promote tourism in Papua. Obstacles in regeneration, we are old to die soon, who will continue? Most of their Papuan children only want to become civil servants. The government has actually facilitated the training in the tourism sector. Tourism associations in Papua must be together in promoting tourism in Papua. “

Then Hans B. Menenti from DISPARPROV “Basic level Guidance Training should be carried out by the District / City Level Tourism Agency, they already have a facilitator for that. While for the advanced level, it is only done at the provincial level. Tourism Guides in Papua are not good at this time (there is a guide who was asked by the tourist how high is Mount Cyclops, the answer I have not measured? Etc.). Basic training is about understanding all knowledge of tourist objects in Papua and it will be given during basic training, and it will be at the district / city level, while for further training it will be more specific. “

PMA is expected to have regulation or SOP and also make an MOU with the government to be able to regulate the portion of tourist and government fees (for example from 80 million costs to Carstenz 10 million or partly allocated to government, security, etc.) so that existing issues can be minimized. The number of tourists entering the carstenz needs to be recorded. The involvement of Papuan human resources in all activities is highly expected, they are very helpful especially to ensure security when the activities are carried out. “

Finally, the problems that exist are mainly for the problem of the role of local guides and others that FDI is expected to accommodate these matters. The aspect of involvement of local people must be strong here.

If there are tourism entrepreneurs in Papua, their success is the extent to which they have empowered the people of Papua.

If there is no empowerment of the Papuan people indirectly this Papua has been exploited,

There are several basic aspects of determining tourism products we must have:

• Aspects 3A and 3W Aspects (Why, Who, When)

• Excellent Service Aspects (Travel police are different?)

The role of airlines, including price issues. Let’s take the example of an Aboriginal tribe, Malaysian tribe in Australia (open we compare tribes), they can arrange world class / international tourist destinations with their character with their hospitality. As much as possible the meeting in the future can present the head of the tourism agency.

Greetings Wonderful Indonesia


  1. This meeting is the inaugural meeting, there will be a 1st meeting for each agency to provide material and exposure to object tourism (development and problems).
  2. PMA will coordinate with provincial and regency regional governments and the central government in this matter the Ministry of Directorate General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation of the Ministry of Forestry of Indonesia, Ministry of Tourism.
  3. It is necessary to prepare tourism regulations by the tourism industry to proceed to the provincial government to become a regional regulation.
  4. Mountains that are targeted by tourist destinations of special interest in the field of mountaineering, expedition & tracking are:

• Carstensz pyramide 4,884 masl.

• Peak mandala 4,760 masl.

• Trikora Peak 4,730 masl.

• Idenberg Peak 4,673 masl.

• Cyrcloop Peak 2,034 masl.

• etc

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