Exclusive Climbing Training Prior to Summit By Adventure Carstensz

Adventure Carstensz as a local tour operator that provides and accompanies climbers from around the world to summit on one of the mountains that is part of the Seven Summits namely Carstensz Peak always wants to give one different thing in the climbing program to Carstensz.

With the hiking trail leading to different Carstensz peaks and other highest mountains, Adventure Carstensz provides training programs for climbers prior to summit Carstensz. This program is expected to provide training and debriefing to every climber who uses the services of Adventure Carstensz.

Here guests are given the opportunity to use the climbing tool to be used for the summit. Adventure Carstensz also collaborates with the Mobile Brigade Corps Timika to provide direction when climbing.

The location of the training took place in the Brimob Command Headquarters 32 at rock climbing base Timika. Adventure Cratensz and climbers accompanied by two members of the Mobile Brigade spent time training for using the climbing equipment.

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