The Endemic Animals of Papua

When covering the matter about endemic animals that are unique in Indonesia, it is no one’s fault that these animals only exist around Papua. Endemic is one of the terms used for an event where there is a uniqueness in one particular geographic location, such as an island, country, or ecological zone. An endemic organism is found only in particular places and not just in any other place. Here are some of the endemic animals that live and breed in Papua, but the existence of these animals is now threatened with extinction due to the effect of earth’s length of existence and also poaching.

Single-Screw Cassowary

Single-screw Cassowary, (Casarius Unappendiculatus) only inhabits the Eastern part of Indonesia, namely Papua. These animals belong to the Fructiveora group or fruit-eating animals. This bird has a beak and a pair of ears and breeds by ovipar or laying eggs.


Dwarf-Cassowary (Casuarius Bennetti) is the smallest cassowary bird species reaching more than 1 m in height. This cassowary has a triangular shaped horn with a flat back and its wave does not interfere.

Red Bird of Paradise

Red Bird of Paradise (Paradisaea Rubra) is one of the types of paradisiac birds endemic to Papua. This bird has yellow and brown feathers, a yellow beak, blood-red ornamental feathers and white feathers at the end of its stomach, emerald green feathers around the head, and has 2 blacktails similar to a wire that is longer than other double gyre-shaped tails in black. The size of the male species of this paradisiac bird is about 75 cm.

Dead-Wire Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise Dead-Wire (Seleucidis Melanoleuca) is one of the types of paradisiac birds with medium size and a length of about 33 cm. Color of the feathers in adult males have shiny black color, fur on the abdomen has a yellow color with 12 black wires, has a sharp black beak and red iris. While the females have brown feathers without yellow fur and wires like males, their size is smaller than the male. This bird of paradise can be found in the lowland forests of Papua.

Nuri Sayap Hitam

This bird has bright red feathers, purple spots around the ears, a yellowish red beak, a black back and has red eyes. Black wing parrot or red parrot, with its scientific name, Eos Cyanogenia. Black wing parrots can only be found in the peskyer forest habitat of the Biak island and the Cendrawasih Bay island.

Mambruk Victoria Bird

Mambruk Victoria (Goura Victoria) is a type of crowned pigeon, with feather features that have gray-blue feather color, a crest shaped like a white fan, its chest hair a purplish maroon, its beak is gray, has legs with dull red color, and there is a thick gray line at the tip of the tail and its wings

Spotted Carpet Shark

These shark’s habitat is in the shallow seas with thick coral reefs, sand, and seaweed. Those conditions are usually used by Spotted Carpet Sharks as a place to camouflage or protect themselves. The richness of the waters of Raja Ampat conceals a species called the “Shadow Ruler” (Hemiscyllium Freycineti).

Kura-Kura Reimani

Kura-Kura Reimani (Chelodina Reimanni) is a type of turtle with a snake-like head. These type of turtles are found in Merauke.

Pig Snout Turtles

Pig snout turtle is a type of endemic animal from Papua, living on several rivers in the southern area of Papua.

Red Rainbow Fish

Red Rainbow Fish is a type of freshwater fish endemic to the Sentani Lake of Papua.

Cheating shrimp

Cheating shrimp (Cherax albertisii) is a type of shrimp endemic to Papua, precisely in Lake Tigi. Named after the term cheating, because these shrimps have claws similar to crabs

Gold Coat Tree Kangaroo

This type of animal has short, light brown fur in its neck and cheeks. From its stomach to its legs has yellowish fur. Golden Mantle Kangguru or Dendrolagus Pulcherrimus is a type of tree kangaroo that inhabits the mountain forests of Papua.

Tree Kangaroo Mbaiso

Tree Kangaroo Mbaiso (Dendrolagus Mbaiso) is one of the types of tree kangaroos which is an endemic animal of Papua.

Small Tree Mice

Small Tree Mice (Pogonomys sp.) is a new species of mouse found in the forests of Papua.

Mallomys Giant Mouse

Mallomys Giant Mouse is a type of mouse that weighs around 1.4 kilograms, about 55 centimeters long with long gray fur. These mice are endemic to Papuan Islands precisely in the Foja mountain rain forests of East Papua.

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