Where to Eat in Timika

Although it is a small city, people from all over the country are brought together here to make a living around an environment with severe diversity. The kinds of food found here varies from street vendors, the classic Chinese takeout, to local Indonesian dishes.

Rimba Papua Golf Restaurant & Bar

A golf course surrounded by the forest; this restaurant is located in a small district far off the city. Enjoy a small picnic while watching rounds of golf in its small gazebos around the course. With professional class staff, all your needs are surely met during your visit.

  • Kuala Oriental Restaurant

Kuala Oriental is known as the best Chinese restaurant in Timika. Serving exquisite dishes such as Black Pepper Beef, Sweet & Sour Fish, etc.

AddressJl. Budi Utomo No.88A, Timika. Papua, Indonesia

Phone+62 812-2498-9888

  • Tapoko Restaurant

The Tapoko Restaurant is easily accessed off the street or through the accompanying hotel. The menu selection is principally “tourist” Indonesian, but of very good quality & quantity. Staff are very attentive, helpful and friendly. Live music is usually available, and the overall atmosphere si relaxing and enjoyable. Prices are as to be expected in a tourist orientated venue but still very cheap compared to Western Restaurants.

Address: Jl. Yos Sudarso no. 133 Timika, Papua, Indonesia

  • So Yummy Resto

A restaurant with a reputation of having various quality food whether it is dishes or desserts. Also known as having the best Capcay in town, Fried Oxtail with Soup, So Yummy also makes birthday cakes with unique designs.

Address: Jl. Yos Sudarso no. 69 Timika, Papua, Indonesia

  • Manna Bakery

Manna Bakery provides many choices of bread filled with different types of food from regular chocolate to processed beef turned into floss. With many different places in Timika. Manna Bakery is the only place you can find pizza. You can order birthday cakes or any other cakes to celebrate a special event.

Address: Koperapoka, Timika, Papua, Indonesia

  • Kuala Seafood

Famous for its tasty sauce, Kuala Seafood serves different types of seafood. From crabs, fish, shrimps, to squids, Kuala Seafood serves them fresh, been known to be quite exquisite therefore attracting locals to be regular customers in this simple hut.

Address: SP 3, Kuala Kencana, Timika, Papua, Indonesia

  • Resto Jangkar

Resto Jangkar is a local Indonesian restaurant serving fresh seafood, chicken and various Chinese food. it is located in the middle of the regency, can be easy to spot and very welcoming. Though it is quite expensive, the food and service are surely worth the trip.

Address: Nawaripi, Timika, Papua, Indonesia

  • Ossa De Resto

Ossa de Resto is a hotel working beside its villa, Ossa de Villa. With a family-friendly atmosphere, its complete buffet breakfast, surrounded by its village/suburban concept also the green environment is a great way to have the 3 important meals of the day.

Address:  Jl. Acis Jalur 1, Nawaripi, Mimika Baru, Papua, Indonesia

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