Western Papua occupies the western half of New Guinea. This island is located immediately south of the equator, and is the world's second largest island, following Greenland. Western Papua provides a panoply of Old World tropical species.


The journey of PT Adventure Carstensz as a world tour operator for ecotourism and travel throughout the Carstensz Pyramid in Papua can not be separated from the role of Maximus Tipagau. Maximus also brought the company logo Dingiso (endemic to Papua) to the international level. He gained the confidence to bring professional climbers from the United States, Germany, Austria, Russia, China and other European countries to the highest peak in Southeast Asia and the Oceania.

Since 2008, Maximus builds Adventure Carstensz with a sincere heart and full of patience. He believes, companies engaged in tourism will bring prosperity to the people of Papua. Not only Carstensz Pyramid, other objects are now going international is the Raja Ampat, Baliem Valley, Asmat and a few other spots.

Kids Warlords Tribe of Moni is also active in holding exhibitions abroad. Since 2010, Maximus introduced Papua travel in Internationale Tourismus-Bourse (ITB) Berlin. Until now, the annual event idak ever passed by Adventure Carstensz. The only other event not to be missed is the World Travel Market (WTM) in London. In 2016, Adventure Carstensz continue to expand its network to Spain and Austria through the event FITUR Madrid and Ferien Messe in Austria.

Some media noted, Maximus was the first person from Papua who sell Carstensz Pyramid. Maximus has also been a speaker at several national and international events in Europe. Men born in 1983 also has produced a book entitled "Guide to Carstensz Pyramid in West Papua" in 2015. 2016 will also be introduced to a new book tells about his behavior was in a remote village in Ugimba. A famous producer is also keen to film the book to be a movie with the theme of the story of a mental revolution Papua.

Maximus did not only focus on the tourism business. These hard-working men Somatua Foundation also set up with characters from other Moni Tribe. The purpose of the Foundation is to build independence, skills and equity in education and health. Maximus through Somatua Foundation is also active in Doctor Share, flying doctors service to isolated areas.

Now, Adventure Carstensz not only focus on Papua travel alone, but growing to travel. Papua, said Maximus, is the goal of a most natural tourism both underwater natural beauty, culture as well as the highest peak. Other holidays, such as Bali, Lombok, Komodo Island, Sumatra, Yogyakarta, Borneo and others are also part of travel connectivity serves. "Tourism was built holistically, not partially, '' said Maximus.

From a number of exhibition events in overseas travel, Maximus has established a partnership with the world's top tour operator other, that bring in tourists to Indonesia as many tourists Indonesia and dispatched to a number of the world's best spots more. The struggle really from zero to advance Papua tourism .. as the saying goes, from zero to hero

About Papua

Western Papua occupies the western half of New Guinea. This island is located immediately south of the equator, and is the world's second largest island, following Greenland. Western Papua provides a panoply of Old World tropical species. This is due to the land bridge linking Australia and New Guinea during the last ice age. Western Papua's climate is primarily a function of topography. The low-lying north and south sides of the island possess great tropical jungles, while the mountain ranges exhibit temperate conditions. The mountains run east to west and rise to 16,023 ft. (4,884m) at Carstensz Pyramid.

Politically, Western Papua is the easternmost province of Indonesia. The area was initially claimed by the Dutch in the mid-1800s as part of their Spice Island empire, but by 1940 they had still not explored further inland than the coastal plains. The Dutch wanted to prepare Irian Jaya for self-government by 1970, but from the late 1950s, Indonesia was exerting pressure to annex the area and, with help from the United Nations, this was accomplished in 1963.

This process was not universally accepted by native Papuans and discontent still prevails in certain areas. In 1961, the Harvard Peabody Museum sponsored a major expedition to the Grand A Valley to document the Dani's Stone Age culture (see Peter Matthiessen's Under the Mountain Wall). Wamena, the site of the valley's airstrip, has grown into a small town, but in general, the only big changes since then are that tribal fighting and cannibalism have ended. The province was in 1973 re-named Irian Jaya, "Victorious Irian." The indigenous movement has since identified themselves as West Papuan.

Beyond the Grand Valley of the Baliem River many other groups live in smaller valleys. These people were not contacted by the West until the 1960s and 1970s, when missionaries began penetrating these regions. In the highlands to the east of the Baliem River, the Yali, Mek, and Kim-Yal people comprise some of the other large tribal groups.

The natural beauty of Papua and Indonesia are the creation of God Almighty. With a sincere heart and sincere we try to introduce the most beautiful paradise on Earth is to the nations and will be used entirely for the welfare and prosperity of the people of Papua.


Our Team


BOD (Board of Directors)

Maximus Tipagau

Maximus Tipagau is the founder and director of PT Adventure Carstensz. Maximus is a genuine guy Moni tribe, tribal in Papua who live and work around Carstensz. Maximus own previous career in PT Freeport Indonesia to middle management positions. Once out of the largest mining company in the world, Maximus began a career as a professional guide for the climbers the world. Already hundreds of people have been ushered in by Maximus in the period since 2003. Not only that, Maximus has also been promoting the Carstensz Pyramid in prestigious travel event like ITB Berlin (Germany), WTM London (UK) and China. He also supports the Adventure Carstensz team to promote to FITUR Madrid in Spain and Ferien Mese in Vienna, Austria. Now, Maximus was preparing a new homestay bercitara sense Tribe Moni very high.

Rini Indyastuti

Rini Indyastuti had fallen in love to Papua. Yogyakarta native women doing a lot of research activities in Papua. For her, Papua is Lord of heaven given to Indonesia. Not only natural, for Rini, Papua has a biodiversity that is second to none on this earth. As one of the leaders in Adventure Carstensz, a former lecturer at Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana the many changes in the company's organization. She promotes international cooperation with a number of climbing club professionals from various countries, just as the United States, Germany, Austria, Russia, the Netherlands and others. Rini also actively participates in international exhibitions in a number of countries such as Germany, Spain, Austria and others. Not only tourism, through coffee and salt, Rini also tried to introduce the natural beauty of Papua. Rini also pioneered the health social service activities through Somatua Foundation with DoctorShare in Papua.

Management Team

Irzan Aslam

Irzan Aslam many working in the field of communication and marketing. Men from Bandung, West Java is already plumbed the world of journalism for 13 years in one of the largest media company in Indonesia, Jawa Pos Group. In addition to journalistic world, he also liked the world of marketing and event organizer. Hiking and diving enthusiast also been a committee for the activities of Journalists Expedition to Carstensz in 2015. Joint Adventure Carstensz, he has also been promoting the Carstensz Pyramid in the event FITUR Madrid (Spain) and Ferien Messe in Vienna (Austria), both in 2016. In addition to travel missions, Irzan still took time to conduct a trade mission to Coffee Moni to Slovakia, Hungary and the Netherlands.


Linus Tipagau

Linus Tipagau is the figure of the original Moni tribe steeped formal scientific field of tourism. After school of Tembapura, Timika, the location where Freeport Indonesia mining, he went to college in the University of Dhayana Pura Undhira in Bali. Sharpened by the department liked very much, she is now pretty good at cooking, tourism management, housekeeping, kitchen and more. He received special training at St. Regis Hotel, in Nusa Dua, Bali (2012).Living in Bali, the young brother of this Maximus Tipagau experienced more than 10 years in preparing the itinerary on the island. Fluent in English, Linus experienced foreign tourists ushered in the most beautiful island in the world. Not only that, Linus also very understanding of the intricacies of the island of Bali, including Bali language. Linus also understand other languages, such as Javanese, Balinese, English and three local languages Moni tribe in Papua. Linus also experienced in promoting tourism. He never promoted Papua travel at ITB Berlin travel exhibition in Germany in 2013 and in WTM London in the United Kingdom (2013). While the exhibition in Indonesia have been followed, namely Direct Promotion Product of Papua in Bali (2013) and Deep and Extreme in Jakarta (2014).

Jenny Suebu

Sweet girl origin Timika, Papua, joined Adventure Carstensz for over 5 years. He became a bridge between the company and a number of its clients from around the world. Former Miss Tourism Papua is what set the prospective tourist trip to Papua and Indonesia. With pleasure, Jenny answer the phone or E-Mail from all email. He coordinates tourist trips with the team in the field, including guides and the porters. As Miss Tourism Papua, Jenny also been engaged in the field of promotion. Alumni UKI Jakarta attended tourism fairs in the event Outfest Jakarta in 2014 and ITB Berlin in Germany in March, 2016.


Our Professional Guide

Hendricus Mutter

He has served as Chief Executive of the Indonesian Rock Climbing Federation (FPTI) in the years 2007-2011. For the traveler who hobbies and likes rock climbing involved events in Indonesia, must be familiar with the name. Problem ascent to the summit of Carstensz, maybe he's worthy of the title as an Indonesian who often climbed to the top, because the total is already 10 times!

Problem mountaineering, he graduated from Trisakti University is already climbing 3 Seven Summit Carstensz the world, Kilimanjaro in Africa and Elbrus in Russia. No doubt, he was a team leader guide in several expeditions to the Carstensz Pyramid because most know the terrain journey. Later, Hendricus also actively organized a number of activities Ultra Marathon, one Ultra Marathon Rinjani in Lombok in 2015 ago.


Ardeshir Yaftebi

Ardeshir Yaftebbi served as team leader of the expedition Indonesia Seven Summit Expedition in 2012. He was standing in the top 5 of the world's highest at Carstensz, Elbrus, Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, and Vinson Massif. Only Everest and Denali who has not been achieved. Men from Aceh was also noted to have climbed Carstensz for 5 times.

Arif Fatturohman

Men from Bandung who is an expert in the matter of navigation and designated as manager basecamp. He was in charge of organizing the logistics for the trip participants as well chart the course of the climb.

The man better known as Arfan this, ask all teams to use trekking pole properly and compile the contents of a bag carried kerier appropriately. Additionally, Arfan was very concerned about the trash right. His job is to collect trash and burn scars logistics. He also simultaneously coordinate the porter who came from the tribe Moni.


Field Coordinator

Nolianus Kobogau

Nolianus Kobogau already quite familiar to the professional climbers will ascend to the summit of Carstensz. Yes, the original man Sugapa, Intan Jaya Regency, Papua, is a local resident who helped dispatch the tourists. Noga, so his best greetings, manage homestay Adventure Carstensz in Sugapa. Noga also idle in the pick-up, among others in Timika and Nabire. He helped usher guests to the Sugapa. In this Sugapa he made preparations logistic supplies, tents, medicine, and other climbing needs.

Accounting degree from the University of Cendrawasih is also to empower the community. Some of the projects he is doing among others make improvements along the trekking path toward the community of Sugapa Ugimba. She also actively participates in social activities together with health services with DoctorShare and Somatua Foundation.

Wesley Marthen

Wesley Marthen have a long way abroad. He enrolled at James Cook University in Australia. He also had time to take a short course of marketing in Finland. Not surprisingly, his English is pretty good. Prior to joining Adventure Carstesnsz, he served in the Landak City, Kalimantan, in terms of trade. Not surprisingly, he is now also have a duty to conduct trading activities, mainly related to the logistic supply some mountainous locations that are difficult to reach.

Although busy with business matters, Wesley also on hand to help the guests who will travel to Papua. Wesley is currently in charge of organizing the trip in Jayapura, Sentani up to Sorong and Raja Ampat. As a child of the coast, he enjoyed the underwater world and the natural beauty of Papua.

Malama Tipagau

Malama Tipagau is a youth leader from the village of Ugimba, Intan Jaya. He is a young man who was well respected figure. Porter and local guide is under control. He is also entitled to regulate anyone who participated in the trip to the Carstensz Pyramid.

By Maximus Tipagau, he was entrusted to manage a homestay in the village Ugimba. At the homestay, guests can rest overnight after a walk of about 8-12 hours toward Carstensz. This village is the last point of human life. Following from this village, you will find a beautiful wild life. And Malama has been very understanding of which path will be passed in accordance with the circumstances.

Arga Nugraha Wowa

Arga Nugraha Wowa is one that is ready to field coordinator in charge wherever and whenever. As Summiters to Carstensz Pyramid in 2015 and then, he has enough experience in organizing trips of the climbers. He has experience arranging logistic supplies and regulate the number of porters and their loads of goods transported.

Arga which is a native of Yogyakarta also studied biology in the Carstensz Pyramid. He has collected several species of animals and plants. He was also diligent in collecting specimens for later researched and examined the unique. Together Somatua Foundation, Arga plans posted research results in scientific journals.

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