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Our Story

Remotely located villages are isolated caused by lack of transportation leading to various problems in education, health and welfare of community led to the idea of establishing a limited liability corporation with the name PT Adventure Carstensz. Officially inaugurated by the notary Sri Widodo S.H (Number 24-October 22, 2008) PT. Adventure Carstensz was found and manifested with pure intention to develop the people’s inner humanitarian. The company operates in eco-cultural tourism that actively emphasizes the unique characteristics of Papuan cultures along with the colorful variety of its nature. Surely quality and service excellence is not really doubted, for the company aims to be a great companion for your adventure needs.

Adventure Carstensz

The island’s tropical wilderness welcomes your climbing to the Carstensz Pyramid’s peak with a chill breeze. There are winding hills, rugged tracks, and rushing rivers just waiting to be conquered. Local people greet you with their genuine smile soon becoming new friends, adding more essence to your climbing experience. The everlasting snow waits for those who dare beating the challenge.

A paradise for conquistadors with its unpredictable weathers, at 4884 meters, Carstensz Pyramid is the highest summit in Asia regional area; the seventh of the world’s highest summits is named after the name of its discoverer, Jan Carstenszoon. The tip contains a big lime stone wall – a carbonate sedimentary rock used in the building the Great Pyramid − measured about 600 meters. Technic acquires to ascend is a rock-climbing route and comes across sand, rock, sliding rock, water slide and sometimes snow. Located in the Jayawijaya Mountains, province of Papua, Republic Indonesia, it’s also a part of Lorentz National Park, side by Grasberg Open pit Freeport Inc.


PT Adventure Carstensz, started operating in 2008 as a world tour operator for ecotourism and travel throughout the Carstensz Pyramid in Papua cannot be separated from the role of Maximus Tipagau.  https://maximusgladiatorpapua.com

He believes companies taking part in tourism, especially representing one of a kind places like Puncak Jaya, will bring prosperity to the people of Papua. However, early 2010, Maximus continues to develop its network and range by being involved in Internationale Tourismus-Bourse in Berlin and World Travel Market in London. In 2016, Adventure Carstensz continues to widen his network through events at FITUR Madrid in Spain and Ferien Messe in Austria.

Acclaimed by some media, Maximus was the first Papuan to promote Carstensz Pyramid. He’s also been a speaker at several national and international events in Europe. The man born in 1983 have also compiled his apprehension unto a book “Guide to Carstensz Pyramid in West Papua” in 2015. Not only did he build a company in the field of tourism, he worked hard to start the Somatua Foundation aiming to start cultivating Papuans from a young mind, whether it’s leadership skills and equity in education and health. Through the foundation, Maximus also actively involves in Doctor Share, flying doctors service to isolated areas.

PT. Adventure Carstensz

The Identitiy

Dingiso (Dendrolagus mbaiso)

Native and endemic to Western Papua of Indonesia, Dingiso is a species of tree-kangaroo that inhabits highlands. Believed and assumed to be the ancestor as of and by the Moni tribe of Papua. The species epithet, mbaiso, meaning “the forbidden animal” in Moni, is necessarily an important symbol for the Moni tribe.


Among Indonesian islands, Papua is one that possesses a unique geographical morphology. Compared to that of a bird-of-paradise (indigenous to the island), has a powerful charm to cognition.

Carstensz Pyramid

Beside being the tallest spot in Indonesia and Ocenian region, 4,884 meters above sea level, Carstensz Pyramid also considered as one among the greatest of seven summits. These facts make the fame of its name so popular throughout continents.

Meaning & Color

The joint of a powerfully expressive elements with no doubt give birth to a stronger representation if one to the other integrates to arrange one new image: a brand new collage that is rich with time-enduring values. Light and dark are the inevitable, authentic! They frame – as those that place the sky and earth – width and height. And blue is the calm and peace for it beholders; a base to set feet on, set sail and keep the chin up.

The Road We Travel

Aim To Be

Become an agent continuously introducing the nature and culture of Papua to the world and opens job opportunities widely to local people through ecotourism and climbing expedition to Carstensz Pyramid.

Aim To Do
  1. Give the opportunity to rural communities in Papua to learn and interact directly with people through tourism and institutional cooperation with national and international institutions for the development or research on the biodiversity of Carstensz.
  2. Actively introduces Papuan Culture to the world, thus encouraging Papuan to love and raise pride of the ancestral culture.
  3. Actively engage in improving the economy of local communities through education and cooperation with various parties in the field of tourism and creation of creativity at the village level to reduce urbanization and financial dependence on local government and the private sector.