Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin 2019

Internationale Tourismus Börse (ITB) Berlin 2019 was ended on March 10, 2019.  It was held in the area of Messe Berlin, Germany and lasted for five days. Around 160,000 visitors attended the event, 113,500 among them were trade visitors. Indonesian participants occupied 658 m2 of the area under the branding Wonderful Indonesia and main decoration of double-decker traditional ship, phinisi.  Around 105 national tourism operators joined this international tourism event. This team was led by the Minister of Tourism of Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Arief Yahya.

“ITB Berlin is very influential platform of tourism promotion. This is a main spot for any country which expects to attract global market attention,” the Minister said who attended the opening of the event. “Indonesia has become part of this exhibition with satisfying output. ITB Berlin has always been an important annual agenda in our promotion calendar,” he added. Furthermore, he explained that tourism sector is a significant focus of Indonesian government in developing the country. Tourism is an essential field to create job opportunity. Moreover, tourism is one of the primary sectors for the nation to gain foreign exchange, beside non-oil and gas export.   

There were different activities held in the stand of Indonesia in ITB 2019, including business meeting, media interview, spa corner, coffee corner, carnival, Indonesian traditional dances performance, and 360 Virtual Reality (VR) camera.

The Ambassador of RI to Germany, Arif Havas Oegroseno who presented at the opening of ITB 2019 said, “We can meet other competitors in this exhibition and manage suitable strategic tourism campaign in Germany. Germany is one of key markets of Indonesian tourism in Europe. German tourists occupies third place behind England and France in Europe in terms of number. Although the number of global tourist is decreasing, the number of German tourist visiting Indonesia is increasing. The average of time and budget spent by German tourists in Indonesia is two weeks and USD 2000- 2500 respectively.

“We plan some programs this year. Among them are batik workshop, individual press/blogger trips, roadshow with Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) in Berlin, Kiel, Hannover, and Munster. Besides, we will arrange Famtrip and invite 120 tourism industries in Germany in collaboration with TUI, a prominent tour operator in Germany,” Oegroseno explained. Particularly, Oegroseno arranges Indonesian tourism joint campaign in partnership with main aviation which open Indonesia-Europe route. At current ITB Berlin, airlines, such as Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, and Thai Airways were parts of stand of their home countries. Unfortunately, Garuda never participates to support tourism market in Germany, a country with 82 million citizen and solid economic power in Europe. 

ITB Berlin has been held for 50 years. The tourism exhibition in the area of 160000 m2 was attended by 160000 visitors last year. 110000 of them were tourism businessmen and 1000 them were top qualified buyers.The value of transaction was estimated 7 milliard Euro. It is estimated that this value is increasing this year.

Adventure Carstensz team participated in ITB Berlin 2019 through Ibu Liany, a representative of Adventure Carstensz living in Berlin. She was so proud that she could promote tourism in eastern Indonesia, especially Papua which is not so popular in Germany or Europe. Adventure Carstensz is tour operator which specifies their service for professional mountaineers who wish to climb 7 highest mountains in the world or Seven Summits. Adventure Carstensz representative met other Germany and other country tour operators at this event. Adventure Carstensz will develop partnership with them so they can send their clients to Indonesia. Therefore, it is important for Adventure Carstensz to participate in events like ITB Berlin to strengthen its existence as a tour operator as well as to improve clients’ trust upon its service.

The Coordination Meeting On Management Of Mount Carstensz Climbing Tourism

The Coordination Meeting on Management of Mount Carstensz Pyramid Climbing Tourism in Order to Strengthen Nusa Adventure Tourism Network. The meeting, which was only run by the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia, was held on Monday, March 18, 2019 in the Horizon Ultima Hall Hotel Timika. In addition to being attended by the Ministry of Tourism, the invited guests were present from Mimika and Intan Jaya Government Institutions, Head of the Lorentz National Park Office, Mimika National Sar Agency, PTFI, Mimika Immigration, National Police Headquarters, TNI Armed Forces, Intan Jaya and Mimika Police Chiefs, Timika and Intan Jaya Koramil, traditional leaders and rights owners ulayat, head of APGI, FMI, PMA and all tour operators who provide climbing services to Carstensz. In this meeting discussed the development of tourism at Carstensz from HR, natural potential, problems with the lack of tourism standards to Carstensz, waste problems, tourism risks, government support, commitment to tourism development, regulation of the development of Lorentz National Park and Carstensz tourism, regulation of climbing and community participation as the owner of the customary rights Carstensz Pyramid.

The meeting produced three recommendations that could be a solution so that the synergy between the central government, local government, customary rights owners from Amungme and Moni tribes, Lorentz National Park Office, PTFI, Association of Mountain Climbers and Guides and all related institutions or agencies in managing Carstensz Mountain Tourism got appropriate results such as expected by all parties. The three recommendations include:
1. The climbing permit must also be issued by the customary customary rights holder Cartensz,
2. Will be coordinated again with the Government regarding further technical matters;
3. The Lorentz National Park area is proposed to become a national strategic tourism area.

International Conference on Biodiversity, Ecotourism & Creative Economy/ ICBE 2018

The sustainably management of natural resources and ecosystem in Papua has been a commitment of the government of the province of Papua and Papua Barat, central government, as well as local, national, and international development partners. This commitment was declared in the closing ceremony of International Conference on Biodiversity, Ecotourism and Creative Economy/ ICBE 2018 in Manokwari, Papua Barat on October 10, 2018. Continue reading International Conference on Biodiversity, Ecotourism & Creative Economy/ ICBE 2018

ITB Berlin International Tourism Exhibition 2013

Held from 5th to 10th of March 2013, ITB Berlin International Tourism Exhibition is known to be the largest tourism exhibition in the world. Over 10,500 participants from 187 countries, Indonesia had a chance to participate in the world’s most prestigious exhibition catching the eyes of 113,000 visitors in the field of tourism. Continue reading ITB Berlin International Tourism Exhibition 2013

Attending Guided Himalaya Mountaineering in Nepal

It was a tremendous opportunity for PT. Adventure Carstensz as a local tour of expedition Carstens Pyramid to participate in the international Guide event in Himalaya, Nepal. Adventure Carstensz joins the program general assembly, meeting organizations and workshops on ‘Mountain Guiding in Asian Countries’. Continue reading Attending Guided Himalaya Mountaineering in Nepal