At 16,023 ft. (4,884m), Carstensz Pyramid, or Puncak Jaya ("Victory Peak"), as the Indonesians call it, is located in the western central highlands and is the highest peak in Oceania, Australiasia continent. The mountain was named after Jan Carstensz, a Dutch explorer who was the first European to sight the peak. In 1962, Heinrich Harrer became the first foreigner to reach the peak. His book, I Come From the Stone Age, provides excellent reading about climbing Carstensz and other peaks in the area, as well as his experiences of living with the local tribes.

The route on Carstensz Pyramid follows a series of gullies up the north face for 500m of solid rock before breaking out on the ridge. Riddled with notches, the summit ridge undulates for half a kilometer from this point to the top. One of the gaps is 20m deep, and we rappel this overhanging pitch and leave a rope fixed to jumar on our return. On our descent, we rappel short distances and down-climb most of the way. The rock is extremely good, rarely loose, and provides good friction even in wet weather.

The rock-climbing difficulty on Carstensz is up to 5.8 for short steps, but most of the climbing is scrambling. It is important that you have basic rock-climbing skills and are comfortable with rappelling and jumaring. Short technical sections have fixed lines allowing you to either free climb or jumar. These fixed lines have been a crucial part of our 100 percent success rate.

In the highland areas, daytime temperatures should range between 75° and 85° F, with most evenings about 45° F. Expect warm afternoon showers, which may turn cool if encountered on a mountain pass. Closer to Carstensz, snow or inclement weather may occur. Temperatures can range from 28° to 60° F with sunshine occasionally in the mornings, then rainfall in the afternoons and evenings. Winds are variable and can be strong.

As a tour operator based in Papua and supported by Moni tribes, as the largest tribe in Intan Jaya Regency, we get the best access to the summit of Carstensz.

Arriving from Sugapa after a plane at the Timika or Nabire, our climbers inapkan overnight in a beautiful and comfortable homestay in Sugapa. Afterwards began trekking to Ugimba. In Ugimba ever we have a very representative homestay.

In Ugimba, you will feel at home because you have prepared all purposes including food and logistical matters. We prepared a special chef who is a native of the local. then and so you will see the beautiful scenery and stay in tents that we have prepared. 

Carstensz Pyramid is the mainstay of our special interest. Through Tipagau Maximus, founder of Adventure Carstensz, we have dispatched hundreds of climbers since 2003. Maximus himself is a native of local born and bred in the mountain environment Carstensz and very understanding difficulty reaching the summit.

As a professional tour operator, we've done the certification of competent parties. Not only the quality of the local guides, we also enhance the ability of the porter and others as well as to support the quality homestay trip climbers. Carstensz Pyramid is one of the seven highest peaks in the world. Seven summiters  is not complete if climbers do not climb this mountain.

Located in the western central highlands, Carstensz Pyramid is the highest mountain on the Oceanic continent. We arrive by charter flight, the take a helicopter to base camp. After rest and arrival we will attempt to summit Carstensz Pyramid. Following the climb we return via Helicopter to local village for further transport out. 

Unlike the other Seven Summits, Carstensz is a rock climb of moderate difficulty. (5.8 for short steps but most of the climbing is scrambling). While all short technical sections will have fixed lines, climbers should possess basic rock climbing skills. Our past expeditions proved to be fantastic all-around experiences and each climb culminated with nearly 100 percent summit success! 




Duration: 12-15 hari

Elevation: 4.884 mdpl

Route: Jakarta/Bali – Timika – Sugapa – Ugimba – Basecamp – Summit

Guide: Certficate Seven Summit

Guide Language: English, Bahasa Indonesian, Moni’s Tribe (Local Language)  

Day 1

You should aim to arrive in Bali as early as possible. You will need to fly into Denpasar airport in Bali. One of representatives will meet you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel.  There will be welcome dinner, briefing and gear check if needed for the journey to Carstensz.


Day 2

You will send the day in Bali, explore some towns and do some sightseeing before we transfer for a late flights to Timika on the Indonesian island of Papua.


Day 3

We will arrive early in the morning and transfer to your hotel, do gear check and prepare for the trek into Carstensz pyramid base camp.


Day 4

Today we will fly by chartered flight from Timika to Sugapa airstrip. Flying with Cessna aircraft. We will meet our porters and transfer by motor cycle from Sugapa. We have pleasant homestay from woods with 2 floor and beautiful view.


Day 5

Today we will trek from Sugapa to Galunggama and Gamagae. Then, we stay at Ugimba Village.  In Ugimba, we’ll find traditional plantation for coffee, traditional dancers and Wabu Rivers. We’ ll stay at our homestay owned by Adventure Carstensz. You will interact with local people. And Head of Moni’s Tribe with 22 wives. 


Day 6

Today we will trek from Ugimba to Putigapa . From this area to Carstensz we will staying at tents. We ll find beautiful orchid plant.  


Day 7

Today we will trek from Putigapa to Bihugu


Day 8

Today we will trek from Bihugu to Bale-Bale Gelapa and Maximus Caves. 


Day 9

Today we will trek all the way into Carstensz Base Camp, set up camp, train and prepare the climb


Day 10

We will get up early and start climbing to the summit in the dark. This is a long 10 hour climb. After celebrating on the summit we will return back to base camp for the night


Day 11

After a deep sleep we will back up and return toBale-Bale Gelapa


Day 12

Today we will be retract our steps back to Bihugu


Day 13

We will be trekking back to Putigapa/Ugimba


Day 14

We will trek from Ugimba to Sugapa


Day 15

From Sugapa we will fly to Timika


Day 16 

We will fly back to Bali.


Day 17

After a long journey you can relax in Bali before transferring to the airport for your journey home.

Day 1

After leaving home you should be looking to arrive in Bali early in the day. You are looking to fly into Denpasar airport in Bali. You will picked up from the airport and brought to your hotel. You can relax, re hydrate and explore Bali. There will be a welcome dinner that evening and briefing on the trip.

Day 2

You can spend the day exploring Bali, before a for your flight from Bali to Timika in Papua. This is long flight across many Indonesian islands. Once in Timika you will transfer to your hotel, where we relax, do final gear checks and make sure you have everything needed for the climb.

Day 3

After all gear is checked and loaded you will take a private helicopter all the way up the yellow valley and into Carstensz base camp.

Day 4

You will wake up in camp, and after breakfast we will do some training and acclimatize higher and return back to base camp.


Day 5

You will be up early and start climbing early in the dark. This climb is long and we will take are time moving slowly up to the summit of Carstensz, enjoy the summit and return to base camp for the night.

Day 6

After a good nights sleep, you will be picked up by the Helicopter and brought back down valley to Timika for the night.

Day 7

We will fly from Timika back to Bali and relax in the hotel and enjoy the delights of Bali.

Day 8

After some rest you will be transferred to the airport for your flight home.

Climbing Skill Level

Our Rock Course or the equivalent is recommended. Climbers should posess basic rock climbing skills and a rock climbing course or equivalent is recommended.

Physical Conditioning

In the best interest of personal safety, success and team compatibility, adequate training and excellent physical condition are required. Prior experience carrying a heavy pack for multiple days serves as excellent preparation for this climb. Climbers must be able to carry an average of 30lbs or more and be physically and mentally prepared to deal with strenuous situations at high altitudes. Climbers need to be in excellent physical condition for both personal enjoyment and to be an integral team member. We encourage you to contact us so that we may assist you in developing a training program that meets your particular needs. Comprehensive training information can be found here.

Environmental Responsibility

Adventure Carstensz is deeply committed to maintaining ecosystems at home and around the world. With each expedition, trek and course, we not only attempt to leave the environment as we found it, but strive to assist the local population in protecting the land and people indigenous to that region. Alpine Ascents reaches for the highest ethical business practices at home and abroad. Each staff member is dedicated to environmentally.

Environmental stewardship remains one of our core values, and we take Leave No Trace ethics and practices seriously. The mountains are our home and we are unwilling to sacrifice their preservation for human objectives. On every one of our courses and climbs, we teach and follow the environmentally appropriate Leave No Trace principles and practices.

Flying Doctors Health Services

Besides trekking to Carstensz, the climbers also had the opportunity to attend a number of social activities. Working closely with Somatua Foaundation, our health-care activity into the interior of Papua, especially the line that will be bypassed by tourists.

Locals feel very respected and treated humanely and honored when the tourists passing through their villages while following social activities.

Since 2014, we've had a number of activities. The young doctors also support our activities. Once the activities, there are at least 500-1000 people who get health care.

Private Groups

 We regularly organize private climbs for individuals, corporate groups, families and friends. We encourage you to book these climbs early, to help us be better able to fit these climbs to group-specific desires. Contact us to further discuss the benefits of private courses.






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