Papua.Travel is a website where administrators offer tourism packages to all tourism destinations in Papua. This website is hosted by Adventure Carstensz team to provide information about culture, life, and tourism in Papua. However, it is separated from Adventure Carstenszs’ website which focuses on offering tourism package to Carstensz Pyramid only.

Somatua Foundation

Somatua Foundation is a non-profit organization working to help local communities in Papua overcome problems in the realm of education, health, and economy. Adventure Carstensz contributes to the development of local communities in Papua through supporting and funding Somatua Foundation’s programs to reach into people’s inner humanitarian.

Papua Mountaineering Association (PMA)

PMA is an organization of climbers and mountain guides in Papua. Adventure Carstenz cooperates with PMA in administering various activities related to mountain climbing and Carstensz Pyramid tourism activities. PMA, as well as Adventure Carstenz has serious concern on the prosperity of the people living around Carstensz. Therefore, these two institutions work for a single mission.

Government of Papua Province

In a bigger scope, the government of the province of Papua has more significant role in the development of tourism sector in this province. Carstensz pyramid plays role of one of the assets that can contribute to the local own source of revenues to the Province. Adventure Carstensz fully supports and have a helping hand in the process of succeeding the government’s program, especially in tourism, clearly stated in the document of Law of Special Autonomy for Papua.

Government of Intan Jaya Regency

Adventure Carstensz collaborates with the government of Intan Jaya regency, for their region covers the area around Carstensz peak. Intan Jaya’s local government is obligated to the right to set tourism development plan in this area.

The Headquarters of Indonesian National Police

Adventure Carstensz has been cooperating with the Headquarter of Indonesian Police to confirm permissions for clients from abroad easier.

Papua Regional Police

Regional Police of Papua’s institution is the highest to be responsible for civil security in all parts of the Province of Papua. Adventure Carstensz has been cooperating with the regional Police in terms of permission process as well as with the Headquarters of Indonesian National Police in Jakarta.

The Government of Mimika Regency

The main office of Adventure Carstensz is located at the capital of Mimika regency, which is Mimika. All the activities of Adventure Carstensz’s clients starts from this small town. The local government of Timika is obligated to know all information on activities involving trips directed by Adventure Carstensz. This cooperation will make the team and the clients be more comfortable on how their trips go.

Transportation Agency

Aviation agencies, especially chopper operators, are important parts of
tourism activity in Carstensz Pyramid. They are vital, particularly in
supporting those who want to go to Carstensz via air transportation.
Adventure Carstensz offers two options for Carstensz Pyramid expedition,
i.e. trekking and helicopter. Therefore, Adventure Carstensz needs to
collaborate with aviation agents (helicopter providers) and
Transportation Agency.

The Ministry of Tourism of Republic of Indonesia

PT Adventure Carstensz is a local tour operator registered in the Ministry
of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia. In other words, Adventure
Carstensz is operating legally under the law in Indonesia. By having
official operational permission, Adventure Carstensz plays a role in
developing tourism sector in Indonesia, particularly in Papua, and
promotes tourism and community development in Papua.

Headquarter Indonesian of Immigration

Adventure Carstensz cooperates with Immigration Agency in Timika,
especially in correlation with administration and the activities of clients
from abroad. The Immigration Agency holds the right to give permission
for the visitors to do their activities in the area of Mimika regency.


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