Welcome To Paradise, West Papua!

It is in Papua, Indonesia, tropical rain forest that is a paradise for wild flora and fauna stretched like carpet of green trees covering most of the areas. As an archipelago, it reserves millions of wealthy underwater life. While on the land, the mystery wraps its ancestral societies consist of more than 256 different ethnics and languages, in which traditional culture is still stubbornly persisted. Only in Papua, you will find varied native’s cultural attractions never found anywhere else in the world, and PT. Adventure Carstensz is proud to bring about this tourism potency of Papua Indonesia to you to experience.

One of world’s seven summits, Carstensz Pyramid, where the equatorial snow cap lays on its top in 12 days-11 nights trip, the music and the rapture of mountain breeze exalted in the Moni’s dancing in Moni Land in 7 days-6 nights trip, the first class of coffee, the Homeo, and salt-making of Wandai in Pogapa, where the generosity of Papuan nature encounters human innovative energies in 6 days-5 nights trip, the silent yet stunning Enarotali lake in 8 days-7 nights trip, the spiritual woodcarvers of Asmat, famous for their unique woodcarving as distinct homage to consecrate the spirit of their ancestors, the unbelievably beautiful Raja Ampat archipelago, in which its underwater has the richest bio-diversity and the islands covered with steep mountains and deserted sandy beaches, the harmony of massive vista and old living culture of Baliem Valley – Wamena, the underwater wealthy Padaido, where the crystal clear water, white sand along the beach, and rich diving spots with the abundance of coral and fish collided, the eclectic beauty of Timika, where the wind blowing along its shores and the seabirds crowding its sandy beaches,the tree-house people of Korowai, which known primarily for being one of the last active tribes of cannibals, the trek from Wamena to Papuan rain forest’s interior, where you will meet the Yali tribe who are still using not-much-changed tools since stone age.

Through tour packages mentioned above, the high potency of tourism in Papua will be developed with the concept of Eco-tourism in full cooperation with indigenous people as the tourism business we are building aims to provide economic benefits to local communities in the first place. The income we gather from tourism is mostly put aside for improving the quality of education as now we start to build school construction, procure students’ uniforms and stationery, as well as to build humble medical facilities to increase public health. Overall, establishing cooperation with the local community aims to improve the economy of people in the village itself. We are looking forward to your visit.

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