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Jokowi to Raja Ampat, Papua More Advanced Opportunities

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President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) watched the first sunrise of 2016, in Waiwo Beach, Raja Ampat, West Papua, Friday (1/1/2016). President Jokowi went to the beach at around 06:15 local time, wearing a white shirt and sarong, without footwear.

While watching the rise of the sun, the President Jokowi was sitting on the edge of the dock and feed the fish. Looks participate in the activities of the West Papua Governor Abraham Octavian Ataruri, police chief of West Papua, Regent Raja Ampat Markus Wanma.

While watching the sunrise, President Jokowi was sitting on the edge and feeding fishes. He was accompanied by West Papua Governor Abraham Oktavianus Ataruri, Police Chief of West Papua, and Regent of Raja Ampat Markus Wanma. "There are 10 destinations in Indonesia which are as good as Raja Ampat, impossible if we don't get 20 million foreign tourists," the President said to Tempo. Earlier on Thursday (31/12) night, President Jokowi joined a new year party in Waisai Beach, Raja Ampat, West Papua, before watching sunrise in Waiwo Beach.

On a separate occasion, the founder of Adventure Carstensz, ecotourism tour operator based in Papua say, the opportunity provided Jokowi must be fully utilized by a local businessman Papua. "That is, the president has given the green light for local tourism entrepreneurs to flourish, '' said Maximus.

Maximus also said that Raja Ampat is one of the best attraction for underwater tourism in the World. "It is appropriate local businesses seize this opportunity. Do not be wasted, '' he said.

In addition, said Maximus, local entrepreneurs should also communicate with each other more closely, particularly related to tourism connectivity. For example, the relationship of Carstensz travel to Raja Ampat. It could also be of Baliem to Raja Ampat. "This will give the feel and a new experience for foreign tourists, '' said the man's native Moni. (Irz)

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