We will set up a means of support for coverage or creating ads in Papua exotic scenery background. As a package that "understands your needs", we are ready to negotiate to understand your needs. Especially for advertising, we also prepared a special package for the artist, the VIP class. We are preparing a helicopter to the artist, and basecamp representative and exclusive VIP tents.

For a standard package of television production, we provide several packages at a very affordable price for the size of the expedition in the jungle. To Package A, we provide a package of production and supply of camera types Blackmagic Design, Canon C300 PL Mount, Cameradrone to stage Post Productions. From the results of Post Production, a revision can be done 3 times.

This package includes tailor made trips, so itineray compiled together. Good for the facility, up to the production phase and return.

Price: Start from Rp 18 million / day (USD 1,340 / day)
- The cost of major equipment leases, the high-resolution camera, the camera drone and post stage productions.
- Fee camera operator, scriptwriter, drone operators, creative design team and interpreter.
- Revised post productions three times.
- Including the cost of a professional guide.
- The cost of talent, artist / public figures.
- Accommodation, meals, permits and transportation to the set.
- The cost of leasing helicopters.
Because it is a custom trip, please contact us for more information.



Best Locations for TV Productions in Papua


Carstensz Pyramid

Puncak Jayawijaya also called Carstensz is the mountain with the highest peak in Indonesia with an altitude of 4,884 meters above sea level. Carstensz a snowy mountain in the crossing of the equator.

Prior interested in exploring the Jayawijaya mountain course should be prepared is physical readiness, supplies and logistics. Paths to the ideal ascent to the top of Carstensz is through Sugapa-Ugimba-Carstensz. Hiking the safest and has the advantage of scenery during the trip across the river like kemabu which has white water rafting, river Nabu to reverse the flow direction of the mountain Cartensz. There is even a river has a fragrance as well as a source of salt on top of the mountain. There is also a waterfall and desert gold in putigapa.

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is the most beautiful places in Papua. is a tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Raja Ampat consists of four major islands, namely Pulau Waigeo, Misool, Salawati, and Batanta. Raja Ampat Islands is one of the 10 best waters for diving in the world. In fact, it may also be recognized as number one for the completeness of underwater flora and fauna.

The expert team from Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy, and the National Institute of Oceanography (LON) Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) once rapid assessments in 2001 and 2002. As a result, they note in these waters there are more than 540 kinds of hard corals (75% of the total species in the world), more than 1,000 species of reef fish, 700 species of molluscs, and the highest record for gonodactyloid stomatopod crustaceans. It makes 75% of the world's coral species are in Raja Ampat. None of the places with the same area has a number of coral species as much as this.

Ugimba Village

Ugimba village located at an altitude of 3,200 meters above sea level is the farthest village and encountered last climber who traveled to the summit of Carstensz. Residents of this village there are about 1,600 people. They live with gardening. Their lives are still traditional and many men wear penis gourds.

The village is located on the banks of the River Ugimba Kemabu the rapids. This is a very important source of water for the villagers and the water flow throughout the year from Carstensz.

It is a fragrant river in Ugimba, we diparfumi with the river. There is also a waterfall Degemaga, Mboemaga and sacred water Simagabu River. According to the locals, it is a medicinal water.

All climbers are seeked via Sugapa climbing through the village will definitely Ugimba which have been proposed as a tourist village by the Minister of Tourism. For the accommodation there is a guest house with three rooms with rents USD 1-2 million per night for a group of climbers. Villagers can also hold ceremonies Bakar Batu to tourists, the gluttonous meal at a cost of Rp 1 million, not including the cost of food. Since 2008 has started a lot of tourists. Most foreign tourists pass Adventure Carstensz operator.

Korowai Tribe

Korowai in Remote Papua has a very exotic tribe. They still grow up with nature and away from modern life. They are the Korowai tribe. Korowai tribe that was recently discovered that there are about 35 years ago in the interior of Papua. A population of around 3000 people. These isolated tribes live in a tree house called Rumah Tinggi. Some homes even can reach a height of 50 meters from the ground. Korowai are one in mainland Papua who do not use sheath. Korowai people occupy forest area about 150 kilometers from the Arafura Sea. They were hunter-gatherers who have survival skills. Until about 1975, the Korowai have almost no contact with the outside world. They only know of them only

National Parks Wasur

Merauke in Papua store of outstanding natural beauty. one of which is Wasur National Park, famous as the "Serengeti of Papua". Serengeti National Park is located in Tanzania. The name "Wasur" itself is derived from Marind namely "Waisol" which means garden. Researchers Nature Reserve Board of the World (WWF) to find about 390 species of birds, 80 of which 20 are endemic mamaliayang (dwells in one particular place), also proliferate dozens of species of herons, marsh ducks and shorebirds. While in dry habitats (savanna) breed also dozens of species of Maleo, parrots, cockatoos and paradise. One mammal whose population is quite high in Wasur are deer and kangaroos. bird of paradise and cassowary and the type of cockatoo, parrot. The national park is suitable as a tourist attraction in Indonesia's largest deer hunting in the future and in the era of special autonomy in Papua.

The house ant (Musamus)

Actually for termites, but the ants call Merauke. Thus it is known as the home of ants, or the local language called Musamus, The termite takes about 1-2 years to build a house ant. With arid surrounding grass, ant house looks as unique scenery. Ant house can only be seen in Merauke.

The size of this ant house can be twice as high as adults. The house is made of soil, hay, and saliva of termites as adhesive. Up close, the walls of the building are small holes for ventilation.

Habema Lake, Lake in the clouds

Lake said Habema deserved lake above the clouds, Although its location at the foot of the mountain trikora, Jayawijaya district, but this lake is one of the highest lakes in Indonesia. Located altitude of more than 3,300 meters above sea level. Habema temperature around the lake would have been cool, Daylight ranges from eight degrees, and at night can reach zero degrees.

Many climbers Cartenz Jayawijaya mountains and stopped at this lake before continuing the journey to the top of their destination. From the city of Wamena, this lake can be reached in about 3 hours by using a motor vehicle. The path to any Habema also be a challenge for the off-road vehicle drivers. Narrow and winding roads flanked by woods so a challenge for those sports fans that adrenaline boosters.

The white sand in the Baliem valley, Wamena

White sand is not only synonymous with beaches, the evidence in Kurulu district, Wamena had a hill filled with white sand. When trying to manage the sand, soft in the hand. Similar to the sand beach. This location became a tourist attraction destination in Baliem Wamena in addition to the cultural and natural.

How to explain this phenomenon?

One of the local government officials explained that once Wamena Wamena is a giant lake. Natural events make shifting plates and geological changes. From here also formed winding beautiful Baliem River in the central valley.

Padaido Islands

Padaido archipelago famous for its beautiful sea, many of the divers (divers) from various countries often make diving here, because the sea is so clear until you can see the coral reefs and the fish under the sea. Tourism potential in the maritime sector in paidado potential, there is a cave at the bottom of the sea, ships and aircraft katalita second world who inhabit the seabed.

When entering the island Paidado, will be greeted three islands namely island lots, Urep and Mansarbabo adjacent, three islands are called Paidado Islands. Here is interesting, when the tide is the third island to connect with each other, white sand and coral reefs visible due to low tide third unify the island.

Gulf Youtefa

Gulf Youtefa has incredible natural scenery that has always been a tourist destination. Gulf Youtefa not so far from the city of Jayapura, only about 500 meters.

Travel Parks Youtefa bay flanked by two headlands that headland Pie and Tanjung Saweri, only separated by a narrow channel with a width ± 300 meters called Tobati Strait and at the same time is the entrance and exit Youtefa bay.

Flora and fauna in the Gulf Youtefa very diverse. On the edge of the bay is dominated by mangrove trees, there are also coniferous trees of the type kaswari yesterday. While the headland opposite pie and kaswari dominated by palm trees Cocos nutcifera L) and there is also ketapan (Terminalia cattapa), Pandanus sp, Callophyllum inophyllum, Baringtonia asiatica. In the area of ​​hills that have soil types latosol, many found vegetation pioneer like a plant of the type Intsia bijuga, Pometia sp, Ficus benjamina, the type of pandanus, nuts, shrubs and some types of ferns and type of orchid-orchids like Dendrobium sp, Gramatophyllum papuana , Bulbophyllum sp.

In the Gulf region Youtefa Nature Park there are several species of fauna that includes aves, reptiles, insects and mammals are endangered wildlife species from groups eksotik. some aves among others Alap-alap (Haliastur Indus), red parrot black head (Lorius lorry), birds king prawns and some other sea birds. The types of reptiles that Liasis sp, sp Candoia, Varanus sp. The types of insects that spiders, beetles and butterflies. While the types of exotic animals that long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis).

Lake Sentani

Lake Sentani is suitable for family attractions, in addition to a beautiful place also is equipped with complete facilities as a means vacation. There are a lot of activities that we can do here, ranging from swimming in the lake, children - children are very fond sentani tribe swim in this lake. Sago-making process, we can witness and trying to make sago as their staple food masyarakan papeda Jayapura.

Around the lake Sentani, many local residents who sell unique souvenirs jayapura. such as bark paintings, the local community adept at painting on bark. Dye using natural materials.

See the sacred drums. In the village of Yobeh, one village of 24 indigenous villages in the Lake Sentani save a few stories of magical and sacred objects. One is the typical drums or drum Papua. Tifa 200 years old, is made of human skin and can be read alone. That said, the drums sounded as a sign of the people who will die.

Serui, Yapen

Serui a small town has a beautiful culture and it only took 20min to mengelilinginnya. to get to the Serui only 2 channels, namely land and sea.

If you have more money to use air transport. From the airport udarea Frans Kaisiepo, multiply. Then fly to the Serui for 20 minutes. Interesting sights you'll see when you are riding on air, ranging from small islands that dot the beautiful over the sea. Your eyes will be spoiled by the blue sea, green trees and white sand beaches.

If you want to save money, but could use a ship departure schedule was erratic. Normally the ship will depart twice a week. Serui journey to the island by boat takes 6 hours of breed.

For hunters sunrise and sunset, Serui one of the destinations that should be hunted. after waking up in the morning, you will be able to see directly the sunrise from the beach.

Waterfall Ansija not separated from tourist destinations in Serui, situated amidst dense forest. Distance from the hotel to Serui was not too far away, it only takes 30 minutes to walk you will arrive at the waterfall Ansija. In the course of many farmers sell durian that falls in the forest. Serui known for the quality durian number 1 in Papua. Most durian sold in Biak comes from Papua. In the Bay of Triton, you can watch and see Wall Paintings in Maimai, Whale Sharks in Lobo, Diving or Snoorkelling in Termintoi, Triton Bay. In this place you can just walk around and enjoy the twilight of Mentari Sea.

Triton Bay, Kaimana, The Lost Paradise

Triton Bay in Kaimana, Papua, have the series of small islands, coral reefs, clear waters and underwater views of the beach and the beautiful, hidden bay near the village of Lobo. Now a hidden paradise is becoming known by marine biologists, divers, and those who like to come and enjoy the sunset, with a view of the sky spekatakuler. They called this location as "The Fish Empire," in addition to the nickname "City of Dawn", some call "The Lost Paradise" The experts that have managed to identify 937 species of marine fish and some of them are new species that can only be found in Kaimana.

They also have found 492 different types of coral reefs and 16 of them are new types that are not found elsewhere in the world and are all in good health, they also found 27 Type lobsters, and 16 green turtles. Triton Bay is still not popular among photography enthusiasts, or those more adventurous than the tourist locations and other underwater beach in Indonesia, but has been quite a lot of travelers who come to visit here, both foreign and domestic tourists.

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