Trekking Suanggama Route

  • 16 Days / 15 Nights
  • Moses Kilangin Airport Timika
  • Min Age : 15+
  • Availability : Jan 18’ - Dec 19’
  • Carstensz Pyramid
  • Max People : 15
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Tour Detail

Carstensz Pyramid Expedition By Trekking Suanggama Route

Carstensz Pyramid Expedition by trekking can be reached through 2 routes namely Ugimba dan Suanggama. The advantage of this route is the climbers are able to be in touch with the villagers and their culture. At the same time, you can see the beauty of the nature. It is an absolutely great opportunity. However, the trekking trails usually take a long time, and climbers must be readi to face obstacles such as difficult climbing routes and social problems. We hage guides, porters, and team who have experience addressing this kind of issues. Yet, this package is offered based on the social conditions, because the security of climber is the most important concerned of our service.

Departure & Return Location               Moses Kilangin Airport Timika (Google Map)

Departure Time                                      3 Hours Before Flight Time

Price Include

  • Airplane Timika-Sugapa-Timika
  • Accommodation in Timika
  • Meals in Timika and all food supply during the journey
  • Tent and stove during the journey (2 PAX/tent)
  • 3 Porter/PAX (max of 9Kg luggage)
  • Cook
  • Medical Check Up in Timika
  • Professional climbing guide
  • All traveling permit and donation

Price Excludes

  • Air plane ticket Jakarta/Bali – Timika – Jakarta/Bali
  • Insurance
  • Personal Gear
  • Extra Porter
  • Alcohol / Liquer
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Overloads


  • Summit Certificate
What to Expect

Summiting Carstensz Pyramid Peak through adventurous trekking ethnic, culture and nature.


You will be picked up by our guide and taken to the hotel. We will perform check fixtures.

In the morning we will fly to the airport Bilogai, in Sugapa using a chartered plane. Then we continue the journey by car to the charter Suanggama 16 kilometers, for about 90 minutes. We will spend the night at their homes.

The journey begins mornings. We will climb toward Dibasiga for 7-8 hours. Yabu crossing the river several times. Although there are no incline is too steep, but the first day is always heavy.

Travel of Dibasiga towards Estasiga will take about 9 hours. Today we begin to enter the muddy jungle. We often have to walk above the roots and trees. In the afternoon we will devour steep climbs until we are out of the woods. We will enter the area open grasslands overgrown fern species. Savannah is flooded and quite deep in some parts. Shortly across this marshy meadow we cross the river Yabu and arrived at the camp site.
Rubber boots so we recommend doing trekking from Suanggama to Basecamp lakes. Do not forget to add insole other shoes into rubber boots to make it more comfortable.

From Estasiga we walked towards Ebai, with a travel time of about 8 hours. An hour or two we first have to devour climbs steep enough to Endasugapa. From there the road began ramps, there are only a few steep sections. Strip dominated by marshy meadows. Today we will reach an altitude of 3,800 m, but then we will fall back to reach the camp site. Ebai camp location is in a sloping ridge. When weather is nice we can see Puncak  Soekarno and Soemantri were covered by ice.

From Ebai towards Nasidome takes about 5 hours. Areas that will go through is still dominated by marshy meadows. We are offered the best views along the way starting today. Hilly meadow cleaved by the river upstream Yabu green meandering, plus rock formations with a unique shape chiselled.

Leaving the camp we will arrive at Lake Gibi, from here we have to run zig-zag while scrambling (climbing with the help of hand, because of the steep), for one hour. From the top of the cliff we go down and arrived at Lake Larson. Larson Lake we will continue to climb towards the New Zealand Pass. To pass the New Zealand Pass we have to climb quite steep. The journey through this area will be the toughest part of this day. Once passed, we will go down and reach the Valley lakes. This day trip takes 6-7 hours.

Today we will conduct a light ascent without the burden for acclimatization.

We will start climbing at 04.00. We climb the Carstensz ridge Central to reach the Valley Yellow for 90 minutes. Having reached the foot of the cliff we begin to climb by using a fixed rope. We will arrive at the summit of Carstensz Pyramid (4884 m) at around 11:00. When our team is big enough, we will divide the two teams, to climb the next day.

We will pass Ebai and set up camp in Endasugapa. About 9 hours.

From Dibasiga we will immediately get down to Suanggama about 6 hour drive and then use the car to Sugapa. We will spend the night in Sugapa.

In the morning we will use a motorcycle taxi to the airport and flew back to Bilogai Timika and overnight at the hotel.

A guide will take you to the airport, our expedition program is completed.


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